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HP22XL (C9352CE)
HP22XL (C9352CE)

HP22XL (C9352CE)

Product category: FOB Price: 3 - 20 USD Port: FOB zhuhai Minimum Order Quantity: 50 pcs Supply Ability: 1,500,000 pcs/months Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T Contact Supplier

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HP22XL (C9352CE) Remanufactured ink cartridges for Deskjet printer

Product No OEM No Color For use in Ink volume
H-22XL C9352CE Tri-Color HP Deskjet 3910, 3915, 3918, 3920, 3930, 3930v, 3938, 3940, 3940v, D1311, D1320, D1330, D1341, D1360,D1368, D1420, D1430, D1445, D1455, D1460, D1468, D1520, D1530, D1560, D2330, D2345,D2360, D2430, D2445, D2460, D2468,F325, F335, F350, F340, F370, F375, F380, F390, F394, F2110, F2120, F2140, F2179, F2180, F2185,F2187, F2210, F2212, F2224, F2235, F2240, F2250, F2275, F2276, F2279, F2280, F2290,F4135, F4140, F4150, F4172, F4175, F4180, F4185, F4190, F4194,PSC1400, 1401, 1402, 1403, 1406, 1408, 1410 series, 1415, 1417,Officejet 4315, 4355, 5605, 5605z, 5607, 5608, 5609, 5610, 5610v, 5610xi, 5615,J3606, J3608, J3680, J5508, J5520,Fax 1250, 3180 23ml

All old plastic shell, printer haed.
Packing:bulk neutral packing, color packing and customized packing ( free customized packing design )

Defective rate :<1%
Guarantee: 12 months

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