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For Brother LC101/LC121/LC161 series with pigment ink will launch the market

pigment ink

In order to meet customer demand, INK-TANK has launched the compatible Brother LC101BK/LC103BK/LC107BK,
LC161BK/LC163BK/LC563BK,LC567BK  with chip and pigment ink. Compared with rival products, we have the below several advantages:

1.  We have the better printing effect because we use the pigment ink. And our products almost have the same effect compared with original on anti-ultraviolet and antioxidant.

2. The black pigment ink perfect mach with color dye ink to prevent fading.

Please refer to the below list for more details:

Product   No OEM No Color For use in Ink volume
B-LC101BK LC101BK Black MFC-J285DW/J475DW/J870DW/J875DW 16ml
B-LC103XLBK LC103BK Black MFC-J4310DW/J4410DW/J4510DW/J4610DW/
B-LC107XXLBK LC107BK Black MFC- J4710DW/J4610DW/J4510DW/J4410DW/ J4310DW 28ml
B-LC121BK LC121BK Black DCP-J552DW/DCP-J752DW/DCP-J132W/DCP-J152W/DCP-J172W,MFC-J470DW/MFC-J650DW/MFC-J870DW 16ml
B-LC123BK LC123BK Black MFC-J4410DW/MFC-J4510DW/MFC-J4610DW/MFC-J4710DW/MFC-J470DW/MFC-J6920DW,DCP-J4110DW/DCP-J132W/DCP-J152W/DCP-J552DW/DCP-J752DW 16ml
B-LC127XLBK LC127BK Black MFC-J4410DW/J4510DW/J4610DW/J4710DW,DCP-J4110DW 28ml
B-LC131BK LC131BK Black DCP-J152W,MFC-J470DW 16ml
B-LC133BK LC133BK Black MFC-J470DW/J4410DW/J4510DW/J4710DW,DCP-J152W/J4110DW 16ml
B-LC137XLBK LC137BK Black MFC-J4410DW,MFC-J4510DW,MFC-J4710DW, DCP-J4110DW 28ml
B-LC161BK LC161BK Black DCP-J152W 16ml
B-LC163BK LC163BK Black 16ml
B-LC563BK LC563BK Black MFC- J2310/J2510 16ml
B-LC567XLBK LC567BK Black 28ml
B-LC597XLBK LC597BK Black MFC- J2310/J2510 28ml

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