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1.75mm ABS (white)

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White abs 3d printer filament 1.75mm compatible with most 3D Printers.

Model No. 1.75mm ABS (white)
Color white
Printing temperature 220-260oC
The support layer temperature 235°C
The first layer temperature 235°C
The support layer needs need
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Use in Compatible with most 3D Printers such as RepRap, MakerBot, Ultimaker, Up!, Makergear, etc


Packaging of ABS Filament and PLA Filament
We put each filament /spool on seal PE bag with desiccant , then smaller carton, then out big box
We also have vacuum heated bag to replace of  PE bag, make better avoid moisture.



Thermoplastic filament,used for desktop 3D printing,

in diameters suitable for the fast majority of desktop 3D

printers available on the market. Almost all desktop 3D

printers are designed to use either 1.75mm, or 3mm

diameter plastic filament. A desktop 3D printer mostly

only works with one of these diameters, as the extruder

on a desktop 3D printer is designed to only use a certain

diameter of plastic filament. Some desktop 3D printers

however will allow you to replace the extruder suitable for

either 1.75mm, or 3mm diameter of filament.

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